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Replacing Credit Facilities and Taking Advantage of Low Interest Rates




After the ECB cut interest rates again to a record low of 0.05% on 4 September 2014, consumers of a discretionary credit should consider the possibility of rescheduling. So-called credit facilities are open-ended bank overdrafts and offer an overdraft facility on the current account of a private individual. More here. If a consumer once exceeds the disposition sum, this is usually no problem. But often people use the Dispo permanently and get into the debt trap. Disposition rates are considerably more expensive compared to installment rates. In the case of a replacement or rescheduling, existing installments are redeemed by taking out a new loan.

Replacing the credit line and accept installment loan


 Replacing the credit line and accept installment loan


By concluding a new credit agreement, you will receive new payments that go completely into the repayment of the old loan. Regular users of a credit line should be informed about the possibility of rescheduling their respective banks. The cost of such a replacement can vary greatly. This depends on the one hand with the interest on the new loan and on the other with the new installments. You should think carefully about whether the new monthly rate is sustainable without financial restrictions. Read here how you can replace your credit line or frame loan.

Aramis helps with debt restructuring


For loans with low interest rates, rescheduling is particularly worthwhile. Thus, a follow-up financing can bring a big savings. On Aramis, you can find the right loan and thus replace your credit line. Simply start an online loan application for free and without obligation and compare all the offers that meet your needs. Only at Aramis you get Germany’s favorable effective interest rate. Use this action to reschedule your credit line.

Remortgage: increase Schufa score

 Remortgage: increase Schufa score


Creditworthiness is also the number one thing with online loans. The prerequisites for loan seekers to take out a loan have been made more difficult in recent years – especially if they are already in debt. However, if you bundle your debts, you can replace your out-of-date loan and thus gain creditworthiness. More here.



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